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Salary: Negotiable

Number of vacancy: 1

Posted Date: 27/02/2019

Job Description:

  • Experienced in  IT Consultant position
  • In East Asia (Taiwan), which is the first leading company that utilized blockchain technology as a solution for commercial services. Therefore, IT Consultant is responsible for customer’s consultancy and project development from proposal to investment forecasting, technology consultant based on market’s practices.
  • From the perspective of technical specialists, sales engineers will responsible for providing solutions in blockchain technology. Also, this position requires the candidate has R & D (research and development) mindset after the project started
  • The candidate would face the challenge to make international enterprises (with the multinational and multicultural environment) recognize blockchain’s benefits. You have to well-prepared. Also, you should utilize the experience of planning, development, business cases, IT services in Developed countries to serve your works.
  • We are always welcome you join us to challenge the world together!


[IT consulting sales]
Capability to promote sales/project acquisition:
* Planning sales in Developed Countries, aware of investment projects, experiences developing projects
* Knowledge of sales strategies in middle-income countries. Ability to make partnership strategies leading to sales

IT · Software Development Project Knowledge:
* Understand the necessary processes for an IT – software development project
* Understand project management and system development processes (especially Agile type)

* Should have a wide relationship to execute strategies
* Able to self-adjustable if these are insufficient in the strategy.
* Able to self-correcting and adjust if the strategy does not run as expected
* Have business network such as client, expert community (ie law, engineer etc)

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