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Salary: Negotiable

Number of vacancy: 01

Posted Date: 18/04/2019


To take care of daily operation tasks in C&B function. Ensure the accuracy of monthly payroll, statutory Insurance, Personal Income Tax, daily attendance, monthly and annual leave record. Be familiar with reports to Governmental Offices. Be familiar with the Payroll system.

Cooperating with HR specialists, operating process and document work of the HR division.

Time attendance management & Recordkeeping

  • Take care of daily attendance check.
  • Record Over time, Annual Leaves, sick leaves, business trips, etc.
  • Make sure that staff data are updated inaccurate and timely manner and payroll is calculated with accuracy
  • Support a supervisor to collect payroll data, provide support for a salary review, bonus and promotion/re-allocation, evaluation as well as other operations/process linked to staff management and C&B

Relevant infrastructure management

  • Manage relevant tool of HR Division. Employee profile management, private health insurance management.
  • Deal with systems, communicate with Payroll vendor and internal system to ensure accurate data.

Support C&B & HR supervisor’s operation

  • Report & document work
    • Make sure all HR reports are accurate and on time.
    • Prepare, produce HR reports and analysis as per request.
    • Follow up contract, leave management, employee’s profile and social insurances.
    • Prepare the Labor Contract, Appendix and other paperwork (Employment letter, Law Update, Memo Draft for any news update)
    • deal with all Governmental Offices (Tax Office, Social Insurance Office, Labor Department…)
    • Register for the tax code, Social Insurance claims and finalize the SI books for exit employees
    • Keep Employee information updated on time
    • Support supervisors
    • Deliver a good HR service to employees; ensure excellent relationship with the staff, give quick and pertinent answers to their concerns; propose and join in initiatives to improve the working environment.
    • Help administrator various benefits & allowances.
    • Implement other ad-hoc assigned by a supervisor.
    • Report issues immediately to a supervisor.



  • Experience of C&B more than 2 years or equivalent knowledge/expertise.
  • Understanding of current HR legislation, policies and practices in Vietnam.

Other job literacy

  • High level of verbal and written English skills and motivation to improve it.
  • Excellent command of using Windows, Word, Excel and PowerPoint (and/or Google tools).
  • Japanese literacy is a plus

Management skill

  • Task management
  • Good organizational skills, resourceful and with ability to multi-tasks
  • Being careful, detail-oriented, highly organized, and keen on working with figures
  • Public Image management
  • Visibility requires maintaining a professional appearance and providing a positive company image to the public
  • Business communication
  • Communicate and make sure not to bring about misunderstanding/misleading.
  • Report issue to supervisor timely when to identify  
  • Maintain good cooperation with different teams and departments; answer queries from management members, provide advice, support, updates and briefings on HR matters
  • Strong communication skill and interpersonal skill, with ability to communicate pertinent points effectively and clearly in order to reach communication objectives quickly;
  • Excellent communication, negotiation skills and ability to successfully complete multiple projects with changing priorities
  • Strong problem-solving skill with positive mindset;
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